International Conference, 1 – 3 November 2010, CEE, Ahmedabad, India


The Conference was held to commemorate 10 years of the Earth Charter (EC). The Earth Charter, over the ten years since its formal launch in 2000, has gained recognition as a global consensus on the meaning of sustainability, the challenge and vision of sustainable development, and the principles by which sustainable development is to be achieved. Many groups from many parts of the world have endorsed the Earth Charter, promoted it as an ethical framework for decision making and utilized it as an educational or reference instrument. It is today accepted that there are many dimensions to the concept of sustainability, all of which need to be supported by an underlying ethical framework.

The purpose of Earth Charter+10 efforts were to reach a higher level of awareness and outreach of the Earth Charter; clearly position the EC initiative as an inspirational, dynamic, global civil society movement; and encourage a positive conceptualization of the future by using the Earth Charter as a framework to address key world challenges, issues and priorities.

The Earth Charter has been an important guiding influence on the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (UNDESD- 2004-2014). Midway through the UNDESD, the Earth Charter vision of “a global society founded on a shared ethical framework that includes respect and care for the community of life, ecological integrity, universal human rights, respect for diversity, economic justice, democracy, and a culture of peace” being more relevant than ever before, the Conference was held to review and strengthen ways by which these principles and values can find resonance in different areas of life and work and across different sectors from international organizations and business enterprises to formal education.

It is in this background that the Conference “Ethical framework for A Sustainable World”  was organized to meet the need to bring together the policy makers, practitioners, UN agencies, non-governmental organizations, academics and religious thinkers that work with the Earth Charter and in Education for Sustainable Development onto a common forum towards discussing synergies between the two and defining ways of the EC from principles to practice.

Conference Objectives

The Conference was specifically held with a view to do the following

  • Strengthen efforts at making ESD central to education practice and training
  • Clarify the role the EC can play in education
  • Share experiences on the use of EC in education
  • Strengthen partnerships with the EC
  • Capture the spirit of the events related to EC +10 and to use the ideas to discuss and launch the vision for the EC for the next decade (2011-2020)

The Conference looked at the effective translation of the Earth Charter from principles to practice. Specifically the Conference sought to review and strengthen ways by which these principles and values can find resonance in different areas of life and work across different sectors from international organizations and business enterprises to formal education. Seven plenary Sessions will set the tone and pace for more focused the discussions and interactions in 10 workshop themes.


Since the Earth Charter’s launch in 2000, there have been many successes.
Indeed, the drafting process was a feat in itself as it brought together people from all regions of the world, and was finally completed after much consultation on March 2000. With such auspicious beginnings, the Earth Charter has gone from strength to strength; its five year formal endorsement promotion, which attracted over 2,000 organisations, was a tremendous triumph.

2006 to 2010 was even more of an accomplishment as the Earth Charter took on global significance: it became a focal point of reference for matters of policy. Earth Charter further expanded its programmes by creating new and innovative programmes in Religion, Business, Youth work, and international events to name but a few.

As the decade is ending, Earth Charter wants to celebrate its successes, and, more importantly, look at directions for future developments. International commemorations have been ongoing throughout the year.

  22nd April 2010
  Earth Day and Main EC+10 Event
  Celebrations were officially launched on 22nd April in Mexico with “Earth Day and main EC + 10 event”.

  26th May 2010
  Earth Charter + 10 Dinner in USA
  26th May saw the “Earth Charter + 10 Dinner in Florida, USA”, hosted by Lorna Taylor, Chair Board of Directors Earth Charter US, CEO of Premiere Eye Care, and catered by chef BT Nguyen of Restaurant BT.

  28th-29th 2010
  Dialogue, Collaboration and Action for a Sustainable Future
  A major EC + 10 event occurred in The Netherlands, hosted in The Peace Palace in The Hague, with the intentions of enhancing public awareness of the Earth Charter, encouraging youths and businesses to endorse the Earth Charter, and, of course, reflecting and commemorating the last 10 years of the Earth Charter.

  1st-3rd November
Education for Sustainable Development
Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Earth Charter this November, CEE, one of India’s most important contemporary environmental agencies, will host one of the foremost concluding ceremonies by the Conference: “Ethical Framework for a Sustainable World”. With a roster of new and established speakers from around the world, this Conference offers the opportunity for people to participate in discussions and debates from leading experts. To complement the plenary sessions and Workshops, there will be a showcase of India’s diverse talent with performances from music and dance to art and video, providing a unique and wonderful glimpse into the cultural dimension of India, as well as highlighting the fundamental aim of the conference: an organic working ethical framework for life.

For a more comprehensive list of the celebrations please visit the Earth Charter website: 20Charter 2010

Conference Programme