International Conference, 1 – 3 November 2010, CEE, Ahmedabad, India
  Education for Sustainable Development-1  
  The panelists in Plenary session 4 included Professor Charles Hopkins, Prof. Anil Gupta, Prof. Vinod Raina, Ms. Nandita Krishna, Dr. Ram Boojh Yadav, Prof. Rick Clugston, and Mr. James Hindson.

Rick Clugston highlighted numerous examples of universities in the US that are reorienting the content and process of education by integrating the Earth Charter. He empahsised on the importance of ethics in global negotiations mentioning that the failure of the Copenhagen talks on Climate Change ( COP 15) threw up a major sustainability challenge since every nation at the COP was only concerned with short term gains and not one was ready to take on additional costs or cut down high levels of consumption. Dr. Anil Gupta, Professor and Coordinator at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, highlighted the need to learn from India and culture where some people have set extraordinary standards to measure consciousness. He also spoke of nature as a force to recalibrate our understanding of the Environment and guide our learning. Professor Vinod Raina’s (Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti) address was on the Gandhain concept of Education and how well it fitted in India. Dr. Ram Boojh of UNESCO informed the gathering that UNESCO recognizes the Earth Charter as an important ethical framework for Sustainable Development and cited examples of work in collaboration. Dr James Hindson, Director, Sense and Sustainability, UK, speech emphasized on optimism as a strategy for making a better future.