International Conference, 1 – 3 November 2010, CEE, Ahmedabad, India
  A Live & Interactive Multicast via the Internet

The Conference had a live streaming of plenaries during all the three days of the Conference. About 150 persons from over 20 countries participated in the Conference virtually. They interacted with the moderator & panelists of the virtual Conference. There multicast was two way  & multiple way streaming during Plenary 1 when Julia Marton Lefevre and Ashok Khosla were beamed in live from IUNC, Geneva Headquarter,  following Professor Steven Rocekfeller's talk. They responded to questions put up by the audience and interacted with the panelists at the conference.

The virtual IUCN participants also had the opportunity to watch the cultural programs and got a feel of the other elements within the Conference.

On the second day of the plenary CEE India young leaders & Heart In Action Enterprises hosted a live & interactive youth session with HIAE-e-GLO young leaders globally, connecting online participants from 15 countries over the live secured multimedia communication platform addressing UNMDG goals for ICT innovation & digital divide  global learning.

Multimedia Technology Provided By Asita Informatica Inc., Absolute ID & Adobe Multicast Supported by Heart In Action Enterprises & Tarahaat